Headstart Program

  • December 27, 2018

We know many of you have lots of choices when it comes to a private server to get your nostalgia fix, and to better assist we are now offering a chance to get to the content you really want to enjoy, Burning Crusade & Wrath of the Lich King.

What we are offering is a chance to skip some of the vanilla grind (you can of course always go back and work on those reputations, get the classic raids completed, chase achievements, etc). What this package offers is simple. A single toon on your account can start the game at level 58 with gear, a backpack, 500g for skills and a mount. You’ll still have to go and grab your skills, set your talents, buy a mount etc but you will start ready to go straight to outlands and begin your expansion content.

There of course is no cost to this, in order to utilize this feature you simply need to create a new character (Choose your race, class, name, etc) load the game one time with the new character and log off. Once completed simply submit a post on the community forum in the correct section (https://wow.vayl.net/community-2/forum/services) with the topic name of “Headstart” and the name of the character you want to boost to 58. We’ll do a little Demonic magic in the background and post once the package is completed.

The only restrictions are currently only one character per account for the boost and if you delete the character we will not boost another one on the same account, so be careful and make sure you select a faction you will be happy with.

The fine print: This service will raise your level to 58, supply some gold, and supply some gear. It will not raise any of the following; Skill Levels, Professions, Reputations, PVP Ranks, Quest Chains Unlocks, etc. You will still need to run around and grind your rep if you really want that rep. Your starting gear and gold package will arrive via in game mail, which also means you will need to run your naked level 58 character to the nearest mailbox to collect it. In the case of some classes, the gear we are sending may require an additional skill to even equip (Such as the ability to wear Mail or Plate) so just because you cannot equip it at that moment doesn’t mean you wont be able to equip it once you’ve gained the appropriate skill. The equipment that comes in your welcome pack is appropriate for being level 58, its not BiS but it is all Blues. This service also doesn’t mean your gonna start as a badass, technically any player who actually leveled on this server from 1-58 the old fashioned way will probably be in a better position at this level, but for some folks they’d like to jump to their favorite tasks, hence why we offer this as an option. As a final note, this offer will exist up until it basically doesn’t. Depending upon population, balancing, etc we may rescind this offer at any time.

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