Patch Notes

  • January 3, 2019

Fixed Spell – Scourge Disguise
The Steamvault – Fixed Chambers Access Panel and Main Chamber’s Door

Changed Server settings to all flight points unlocked.

Fixed Creature – Shard-Hide Boar
Icecrown Citadel – Fixes for Valithria Dreamwalker’s Encounter
Fixed Creature – Risen Ally
Fixed Creature – Rotting Worm
Fixed Creature – Mo’arg Extractor and Crystalfused Miner
Removed race condition from Riding Trainers
Fixed some typos
Removed an incorrect gossip menu from Baine Bloodhoof
Added ALOT of missing NPC_FLAGs to Creatures
Quest – Kodo Roundup Fixed
Fixed Spell – Blood Draining
Fixed Creature – Rory
Fixed Creature – Artist Renfray
Added Seasonal fish, Raw Summer Bass/Winter Squid
Added Nocturnal fishing and Diurnal fishing
Fixed Object – Fel Crystalforge
Fixed spawns on Skyguard Outpost
Fixed spawns on Crystal Spine
Fixed Creature – Hemathion
Fixed Creature – Fear Fiend
Fixed Creature – Legion Flak Cannon
Fixed Creature – Vile Fire-Soul
Fixed Creature – Witness of Doom
Fixed Creature – Furnace Guard
Fixed Creature – Wrath Hound
Fixed Object – Fel Cannonball Stack
Fixed Creature – Wrath Reaver
Fixed Creature – Wrath Speaker
Fixed Creature – Daggertail Lizard
Fixed Creature – Abyssal Flamebringer
Added missing spawns on the Crystal Spine
Fixed Scripts for North Fleet Sailor, Vengeance Bringer, North Fleet Medic
Fixed Creature – Giant Tidecrawler
Fixed Loot Table – Kim’jael’s Equipment
Added Lord Victor Nefarious Gossips
Fixed Scripts for Valis Windchaser, Rugan Steelbelly
Applied some tweaks to Blacksmithing specialization
Fixed Script for Warlord Zol’Maz

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